We are privileged and blessed with the opportunity to gather as a Church Family and worship our Lord on several occasions each week. On Sunday we meet for Bible Study at 9:00 AM, Worship Service at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, and on Wednesday we meet for Bible Study at 7:30 PM. In addition to those above we also have the following worship programs and activities.  

Third Sunday Evening Service - Every third Sunday evening of the month, the service is devoted to prayer for those who are in need
[contact our Minister, Barry Bryson]

Fourth Sunday Evening Service - Every fourth Sunday evening of the month is devoted to singing praise to our Lord in a song service. Don't forget to request your favorite hymn with one of our song leaders
[contact our Worship Deacon, David Binkley or our Minister, Barry Bryson]

Junior Worship - Besides regular Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes, there is a Junior Worship program. This is provided for children ages 2 through 3 years old during Sunday morning Worship service. The children have a snack, Bible Activity, and an Art Activity. Children are taken to Junior Worship directly from Sunday school. People willing to teach in this area are rotated so they teach only three classes per year, such as the second Sunday every month for a quarter.
[contact our Education Deacons, Paul Anderson, or David Bobbit]

Summer Series - During the summer months we are offered an opportunity to hear lessons from quest speakers usually from our own congregation. Each Wednesday evening a different Bible story or topic is presented for our benefit and pleasure.


To spread the Good News of the Gospel locally and throughout the world, we support the work of various evangelism programs.   

India Missions Program - Our congregation supports and is blessed by a very active and effective India Missionary Program. This ministry has helped bring the Good News of the Gospel to millions and as a result hundreds of thousands of Indians have been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Spirit, to God be all the glory. We here at Manassas, are fortunate to have such tireless missionaries, who have carried on and led this most worthy mission for over 30 years.  To learn more go to this website: http://india.manassaschurch.org  For questions, a desire to participate, or more information contact our India Missionaries, Jerris or Juanita Bullard, or Brother in Christ, Steve Bitgood.

World Bible School - These activities are done in support of our mission to India. Teachers lead correspondence Bible courses with Indian nationals, as well as with some students from Africa. The congregation supplies all the materials, and pays all the postage. Watch Video
[contact our World Bible School Deacon, Steve Bitgood].

Ladies Sojourners Prayer Group - meets the first Monday of each month to pray.  For questions or more information contact our Sister in Christ, Teresa Bryson.

Sunrise Assisted Living Bible Study - Every Monday night from 6:30PM till 7:30PM at:

Sunrise Assisted Living at Fair Oaks
3750 Joseph Siewick Drive
Fairfax, VA 22033

Contact: Mickey Yost


Care Groups - The congregation is divided into smaller Care Groups available to everyone in the congregation. These smaller groups offer an opportunity to provide help, care and show responsibility for each other. The groups are encouraged to meet for fellowship, service, or worship as often as possible. The Care Groups are also an excellent way of getting to better know members of our church family we've not yet had the opportunity of meeting.
[contact any Care Group Leader]

Monday Night for the Master - The third Monday of every month we meet for a simple meal and a time of service. Activities include, but are not limited to: card ministry, visiting, building improvements, tidying, and praying.
[contact , Barry Bryson]


Building and Grounds Workdays - Everyone is invited to gather on Saturday morning, usually once a month but not any set schedule, for fellowship and work around the building and grounds, including our Memorial Garden. We meet from 8:00 am until noon.
[contact any of our Building Deacons: Will Armstrong. Larry Houff, or Grounds Deacons: John Brady, Bill McCusker. Mike Woodfin, or David Green]

Memorial Garden - The southwest area of the church property contains our Memorial Garden. The original plan of the garden came from Gloria Crane. She and husband Charles were often seen'working in the garden. A stone is placed at the southern end of the garden as a memorial of those who have passed during their time of service with us. The garden offers a tranquil place to enjoy the beauty of God's foliage and appreciate the work of many who help keep it that way.
[contact our Grounds Deacon. John Brady]

Leadership Training - This offers an opportunity to grow, as an individual, a leader, a teacher, or student whether young or older.
[contact our Brother in Christ, David Wollard]

Web Site - Our Manassas Church of Christ Congregational Web Site:  contains volumes of
information, including but definitely not limited to: calendar of events, articles, care group information, Elder and Deacon information, and Bible study courses. The site is open to all. however some items are password protected and are available only to our members, to gain access you may register while logged onto the Web site.
[contact our Brother in Christ, Webmaster, John Murphy]


From our Teachers to every member, we are blessed with a Biblically knowledgeable and talented congregation. This talent shines through hi all our educational programs, from our regular Sunday and Wednesday classes to all the following programs and activities.

Pre-School - The school is a free, Tuesday and Thursday Preschool. Classes are conducted September through May. We are able to accommodate two classes, three year olds and four year olds. [FACEBOOK]
[contact  Tracy Rouse]

Vacation Bible School (VBS) - This is an annual summer program that offers a fun and educational time for the youth of all ages, child to adult. VBS is usually held the first week of August, Sunday evening through Wednesday evening.
[contact David Woolard]


We have an active and involved group of young people. The Youth Group (6th - 12th graders) hosts Devotionals and a wide variety of activities and Service Projects throughout the year. A little younger group, those not yet in our Youth Group (up through 5th graders), are busy with many programs, activities and projects as well. [FACEBOOK]

Fifth Sunday Evening Service - Every fifth Sunday of the month, evening services are conducted by young men of our Youth Group.
[contact Mel Hurley or Robert Fancher]

Bible Bowl - The Bible Bowl is a multi-congregational Bible knowledge competition for two different age groups. The Bowl does require some work and dedication, but comes with many rewards, and plenty of team and personal satisfaction. Our youth are involved with two Bible Bowl Events.
  • First, for our Elementary School Age Scholar's (2nd - 6th grade) we have a Bowl that meets on the second Saturday in March in Laurel, Maryland.
  • Second, for our Junior and Senior High School Scholar's (6th - 12th grade) we have a Bowl that meets in October and hosted by our congregation here at Manassas Church of Christ.

[contact Mel Hurley]

Senior Saints Banquet - The Saints banquet is an annual event in honor of our senior members at least 55 years young. The entire event is planned, set-up and performed by our Youth Group and a terrific group of supporters. A wonderful meal is provided and served while an entertaining program is presented for our pleasure.

[contact Mel Hurley]

Senior Banquet - The Senior banquet is usually held in early June to honor our Graduating High School Seniors. The entire event is again planned, set-up and performed by our Youth Group. The Youth Group and supporters prepare and provide a wonderful meal, tables are served and waited on by the youth, while an interesting program is offered to entertain everyone and honor our graduates.

[contact Mel Hurley]

"Son"shine Girls - This is a group dedicated to girls, 1st through 5th grade. They meet together the first and third Thursday nights of each month October through May from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. They have devotional time, and do crafts and service projects. There are no scheduled meetings during the summer, but activities are ongoing. This group was founded and is led by Cindy Kline, who teaches in the Manassas Public School System.

[contact our Sister in Christ, Cindy Kline]

Discovery Scouts - This group is for the boys, 1st through 5th grade. They meet together the first and third Thursday nights of each month October through May form 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The boys focus on discovering the wonders of God through His word and through creation. There are activities and field trips planned regularly

[contact our Brother in Christ, Scout Leader, Paul Abila]


Young Adults - This is a group for our young adults in the 18 to 30'ish age range who identify with a slightly younger crowd. They meet for a Sunday morning Bible Class generally in the Library. About once a month a get-together for fellowship and various activities is planned for a Friday or Saturday night. The group focuses on spiritual growth through biblical study and questions, and developing the friendship and support necessary to lean on each other as we grow and serve.

[contact our Brother in Christ, Dave Golden]

Fifth Sunday Fellowship Dinner - Every fifth Sunday of the month after morning worship services the congregation holds a carry-in dinner in the Fellowship Hall. These get-togethers are an excellent opportunity to meet visitors and new members or to visit with some old friends

[contact our Fellowship Deacon, David Woolard]

Congregational Retreat - The retreat is an annual event held at Camp WAMAVA. A wonderful opportunity for our families to gather with church family for a couple of days to hear lessons covering a wide a variety of themes that we all may learn and live by. It is also another opportunity for anyone who has not visited the camp to come out and look around, and a time for those familiar with it to come out and enjoy it once again. Between lessons and meals, plenty of free time is available to do some fishing, hiking, visiting, playing a game, or even taking a nap

[contact our Deacon in charge each year]

Independence Day Celebration - Held annually on the back lawn of the church property during the evening of the Fourth of July. At night, with a turn of the head, two different fireworks displays may be observed. The event offers a great time to gather for food, song, fellowship and maybe a volleyball or basketball game.

[contact our Fellowship Deacon, David Woolard]

Ladies' Night Out - Night Out is held once a month. The ladies leave the kids at home with Dad for an evening to get to know one another better and have fun. Activities include but not limited to bowling, game night, progressive dinners, craft night, dining out and once a year a "Get Away for the Weekend" trip is planned for out of town, county, state, etc. to places such as New York City, or Lancaster PA.

[contact our Sister in Christ, Jen Wells]

Secret Sisters - A ministry to help encourage and uplift the ladies of the congregation. Each lady is "assigned" one person to focus on by praying for her, sending cards, leaving small gifts, etc., all in secret.

[contact our Sisters in Christ, Kris Woodfin or Deb Binkley]

Sweetheart Banquet - The Banquet is held annually in February. It's an opportunity for the husbands of the congregation to express their feelings for their wives and a chance to show the ladies their cooking prowess. Honored guests of the evening are our widows and widowers. The men gather the morning of the event to decorate, and thankfully, are given design direction by a group of talented ladies. After the men complete serving their companions dinner and desert, the Master of Ceremonies, usually Barry Bryson, takes the spotlight. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of a rendition of a Classic Love Song by Barry, you are in for a real treat. Next up on the night's agenda, our newlyweds and/or newcomers have the pleasure and pain of playing our (G rated) version of the "Newlywed Game". The Youth Group are a great help behind the scenes in the kitchen and with childcare. Baby sitting is available so our couples may enjoy an adult only evening.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner - Held annually in March around St. Patrick's Day. A pitch-in dinner offering a chance to show off your favorite recipe of corned beef & cabbage, potatoes, and any other traditional favorite you wish to share. This event began during the Button Care Group days and has grown into the larger, much looked forward to event it is today. The evening also allows an opportunity to share a song or limerick with your friends and family. A wee bit o' something for everyone: entertainment, fellowship, and fine dining, not to forget, a time to wear a bit o' the green.

[contact our Brother in Christ, Dave Button]

Softball - We participate in a multi-congregational co-ed slow pitch spring softball league. Whether you are the "almost professional player", "softball challenged", or somewhere in-between, this league offers something for everyone. It may be the exercise, the fellowship, the chance to show off a little, or just an opportunity of watch and cheer for our own team, no matter, all will enjoy a day at the ballgame.

[contact our Brother in Christ, Coach and Coordinator, Heath Leasure]


The Following list of non-profit organizations is firstly not sanctioned or authorized by the elders of the Manassas Church of Christ.  These organizations have in the past been supported by individual members of our body, and as such found worthy organizations.  Not all of the below listed organizations are operated by an all church of Christ member board of directors, and some are not even affiliated specifically with the church of Christ.  They are listed here to let you know of areas of our member’s interest either in the past or presently.

Camp WAMAVA - We support and participate in Camp WAMAVA programs and activities, its primary mission is spiritual, to provide camping in a Christian environment and to glorify God. Emphasis is also placed on the physical and emotional growth of the young people who attend.
Named after the location of the several congregations who began the camp in the 1950's (Washington, Maryland, Virginia). The camp is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, approximately 50 miles west of Manassas but east of Front Royal. Several acres in size, the camp offers a main camp building, staff housing, separate dormitories for males and females, a chapel in the woods, a small pond (stocked), hiking trails, basketball court, volleyball court, soccer field, baseball field, and swimming pool.  The campers include any boy or girl who will be in grades 3 through 12 in the fall and who is willing to abide by the camp rules may attend. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as received by the camp registrar.

[contact our Sister in Christ, Deb Binkley]

Camp WAMAVA Memorial Day Picnic - Held annually around Memorial Day. An opportunity for anyone who has not visited the camp to come out and look around, and a time for those familiar with it to come out and enjoy the day. Any reason: the fellowship, food, a chance to look around, a day at the camp is an enjoyable time.

[contact our Brother in Christ, Lurty Houff]

Relay for Life - An American Cancer Society sponsored event for the purpose of raising funds to support research, provide assistance to victims and work toward a cure of all cancers. Since cancer never sleeps, this annual relay continues from evening to morning non-stop, offering an excellent opportunity for fellowship at the same time performing a very enjoyable and worthwhile function. Join us and walk a lap or just visit for a few minutes, an hour, or all night, we'll keep the light on for you. Our congregation participates with two teams, one for all ages and one for the youth.

[contact our Sister and Brothers in Christ, Deb Binkley, Dave Binkley, or Mel Hurley]

Take Steps - A Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America sponsored event for the purpose of raising funds to support research, education and support initiatives. Take Steps is the nation's largest event dedicated to finding cures for digestive diseases. Held annually, this event offers an excellent opportunity for fellowship in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Participants are encouraged to make noise and be heard - raising awareness of these little-known diseases. Our congregation participates with one team for supporters of all ages.

[contact our Brother in Christ, Will Armstrong

Rainbow Christian Services- is a non-profit agency affiliated with the Church of Christ. We offer Christian counseling to individuals and families.  We specialize in adoption placement. Our goal is to find loving, Christian homes for children . We work with birth parents, adoptive families, and foster families to find the best possible homes for children, and to facilitate the transition for everyone involved.  6149 Leesburg Pike, P.O. Box 1808, Falls Church, VA 22041 (In the building of the Church of Christ in Falls Church, VA.)
OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Telephone: (703) 379-1228

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