Fall Quarter 2016

Sunday Morning Bible Class

Letters of John


In this class we study the text of the New Testament directly from the Bible. For more information contact Barry Bryson.

Digging Deeper

(Fellowship Room)

Church History

The History of the Church presented by David Button.

Enriching the Family

(Room 102, Education Center)

“Finding s Financial Foundation"

(What & Why)
A study of all topics related to strengthening the family. Classes on marriage, parenting textual studies, and the Church family will be featured Sam Bates and Reggie Barnes

Home Builders

(Room 106, Education Center)

"Why Me?" God's making of a leader-Moses
This class is designed for young families. The group also offers fellowship and service activities as well as Bible Study. CL Walker, Eric Foy, and Dave Golden

Next Step

(EAC 103)

"Following Jesus"

This Bible Study class is for young adults. High School graduates and those older are welcome. Joe Dunlap

First Principles Class


First Principles is a basic Bible Study series designed to help you guide a seeker along their journey to come to a knowledge of the truth and thereby be saved. (1 Timothy 2:4) Led by Owen Mullenex

Clase de Biblia en Español

(EAC 113)

Sunday Evening Bible Class

Enriching the Family

(EAC 102, 6-7 pm 10/2 to 1/8)
Financial Foundation
Darrell Brimberry & Eric Percival

Wednesday Evening Bible Classes

Auditorium Class


The Book of Amos

Study of Amos who was sent by God to prophesy to these people near the end of the two-hundred year period. Matthew White

Ladies Bible Class

(Fellowship Room)

"Paul by the Grace of God"

Ladies Study by Melinda Golden

Men’s Class

(Room 102, Education Building)

King David - Part 2
This class features discussion and teaching by David Woolard

Clase de Biblia en Español

(EAC 113)


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