familytreeThe Church strives for closer relationships among our members, and more personal opportunities to get to know newcomers. “Care Groups” were formed to fullfill these needs. By meeting for small-group devotionals, fellowship and outreach opportunities, members grow closer to one-another while sharing Christ-centered relationships.

Care Groups provide a unique means of communication to be sure the needs of all members are met.  The birth of a child, newcomers to the community or other such celebrations allow members to rejoice with each other.  Illness, disability, or death presents unique opportunities to share in one another’s burdens.  Whether by delivering a Bible to new parents, delivering a welcome present to new neighbors, providing a meal to share at the conclusion of a funeral, or delivering meals once and even for a prolonged period of time based on an extended illness.

C ontact absent members (Keeping One Another)

A rrange meals for those in need (Serving One Another)

R each out to the widowed and shut-ins (Caring for One Another)

E njoy fellowship together (Knowing One Another)


Manassas Church of Christ Care Groups welcomes you!

In the words of Peter, “may grace and peace be yours to the fullest measure” while you worship, work, and fellowship with us.

In an effort to maintain a venue to encourage fellowship and to keep communication lines open between our membership and the Elders, we have within our church family organized seven Care Groups.   On our Care Group bulletin board you can view the list of members along with pictures of the current Care Group leaders. Our Care Groups are not necessarily arranged with demographics in mind; however you will notice uniqueness in the organization of some.

You will also notice on our weekly bulletin, along with emails and other associated media, that each care group plans activities and opportunities for fellowship in the church buildings, at homes, or at locations around the city. This lets people get to know one another better, addresses actions that might be required for anyone in the care group who is sick or otherwise in need of prayer, and it allows our Elders to listen in to what others have to say on a more intimate level.

The question asked most often is, “How do I go about joining a care group?” My answers are usually in the form of following recommendations:

  1.   Visit any or all of the Care Group fellowship functions that you see listed. As a new member(s) you will be a welcomed guest. Enjoy the fellowship (and especially the food) and as you get to know people, you may eventually feel comfortable in choosing a Care Group with which to serve.
  2.  You may get to know someone more closely as you worship and study with us. If so you might consider joining their Care Group.
  3.  Otherwise what we try to do is assigned you to a Care Group. This is not an attempt to herd you into a group. The Elders feel it important to have accountability for all of our members in one form or another, so that we can support and serve each other. (Acts 2:42)

We as a congregation come together to worship our God and our Father, and to serve him and our Lord Jesus by serving one another (Col 3:23, 24). We feel our Care Groups are a wonderful venue to do just that. Should you have any questions, contact any care group leader or any one of our Elders.  

Welcome to our Manassas church family and may God richly bless you while you are with us!

Steve and Renee Gaudreau

Care Group coordinators



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