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Currently the Manassas Church of Christ has a good benevolence program. The assistance provided to our community takes the form of food from our pantry, minimal financial assistance, and information about services provided through social services. Every person is informed about the love of Christ and the Grace that is available through faith and obedience to Him. There are times when additional assistance is needed for rides to church or other services. Having a list of people that are willing to assist with some of these activities will increase the number of opportunities that we, as the Body of Christ, have to demonstrate the Spirit of Christ that dwells in us.

We are currently developing plans for our annual Thanksgiving/Christmas food baskets. Each care group will be asked to participate in this program as in years past. If you know of families that have need of one of these baskets now or anytime throughout the year please email James Redic, our Benevolence Deacon.

We must remember that our primary focus is to share the Gospel with the whole world. Showing non-judgmental love to those in our community is a great place to start! To paraphrase James, When people are sick and hungry they can't hear the Gospel because their stomachs are making so much noise.

POC: James Redic



Food Pantry


  • Open M-F, 9 am- Noon.
  • Call 1 day in advance and food will be ready by 9 am the      next day
  • Visitors are allowed 1 visit per month.
  • Special items ready for the homeless.

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