biblestudysdWe would love the opportunity to study the Bible with you. Ultimately, we are people who genuinely care for your soul and desire to help you develop a personal relationship with God.

The Manassas Church of Christ family offers some simple at home personal Bible studies that help a Bible student better understand his faith. These Bible studies challenge the student to discover answers to his religious questions from the Scriptures only.

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Please be aware that our Home Bible Study is first offered to Residents of the Northern Virginia Location, but we can accommodate any individual, or group anywhere within the 48  states.  Overseas bible studies need to be applied for at:


NewManassas Side

8110 Signal Hill Road | Manassas, Virginia

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Receive the blessings of the Bible for yourself

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The Bible offers hope, joy, love, and life. Knowing Jesus provides things that are more valuable than what you can see or hear or touch or buy.

  • Do you have hope that this life has purpose, is worthwhile?
  • Do you want joy that transcends ever-changing daily circumstances?
  • Do you know true love that’s unconditional and unlimited?
  • And do you want a great life—life that’s "abundant" and full?

Thankfully, Jesus promises these things—right there in the Bible. Receive the blessings of the Bible for yourself.

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