Church of Christ minister retiring after 57 years with the same congregation


Lewis Hale, 87, stands in the auditorium of the Southwest Church of Christ, the Oklahoma City church where he recently retired as longtime pulpit minister. (Photo by Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman,

The Oklahoman reports:

Lewis Hale of Oklahoma City has a friend in Texas who wanted to beat his record for years as a pulpit minister.

Hale said the pals have joked often as part of a friendly Red River rivalry — preacher style.

The octogenarian said he recently told Robert Oglesby, of Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas, he would have to serve his congregation seven more years.

That’s how long it would take the Texan to surpass Hale’s 57-year tenure as pulpit minister of Southwest Church of Christ, 3031 SW 104.

Hale recently retired, with July 7 as his last Sunday in the pulpit. The congregation is hosted a retirement reception  to celebrate his faithful and lengthy service.

“I’ve been very fortunate because the Lord’s been very good to me. I recognize that and I’m grateful,” said Hale, 87.

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from the Christian Chronicle Blog

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